Candles Romantic and Traditional Wedding Favors

The lighting of the unity candle has been a long-standing tradition in marriages. It signifies the union and joining of two hearts in one love. Candle wedding favors are a special way to extend this union. Your guests will be reminded each time they light your candle of both the love you share and your candle lighting ceremony.

With so many choices in the favor market today, there is a candle wedding favor that will suit every bride's taste and budget. From traditional votives, to novelty candles, to personalized candle holders - candle wedding favors come in many shapes, sizes, and colors - there is sure to be one which will match your wedding perfectly. From red roses, to heart shaped candles, and even candle holders that can be refilled and re-used - traditional and beautiful, candles will be appreciated by all.

Whatever the theme of your wedding day, there will certainly be a candle favor to match it. There is no other favor that can compete with the special significance and symbolism of candle wedding favors. That is why candle wedding favors have been such a traditional wedding favor gift. Invite your guests to experience the romance candle wedding favors bring.

By Erica Tevis


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